Asphalt Repair Maintenance
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Asphalt repair maintenance is the repair and maintenance of exisitng asphalt surfaces. Asphalt provides flexibility when is comes time to repair your parking lot or asphalt surface. Due to the nature of this product, when the need for repairs arise, you may have multiple options, from complete removal and replacement, overlays with or with out fabric reinforcement, pulverization of exisitng, or patch repairs. Let our asphalt professionals walk you through the process and help determine what type of repair is needed to stay within your budget.

Site Concrete & ADA Upgrades
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Patriot Paving Inc. is much more than just a asphalt paving contractor. We can also complete concrete repairs and/or installations. From curbs, gutters and sidewalks to flowlines and drive approaches Patriot Paving's team of concrete professionals can handle all your site concrete repair and/or installation needs.


Not sure if your parking lot is ADA compliant? We can help! Patriot Paving's staff understands the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and can assist you in bringing your parking lot up to code. Contact one of our representatives today to learn how we can help.

New Construction
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Looking to build a new parking lot or asphalt surface? New ground up construction of can be monumental task. Requiring technical expertise, attention to detail and precise deadlines. Patriot Paving's new construction team has the experience and dedication you can count on to build your parking lot or asphalt surface right the first time, on time and within budget. Contact one of our asphalt professionals today to help get you started.  

Seal Coating & Striping
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Do you own a property with a parking lot or asphalt surface? If so, you have real dollars invested in the construction of that parking lot or asphalt surface. Protect your investment by seal coating it. This preventative maintenance can extend the life of your pavement and help you save money on repairs in the long run. This process is used to prevent the pavement from suffering damaging effects such as oxidation and moisture infiltration. In addition to protecting the existing pavement, seal coating will also enhance the appearance of your lot by creating a rich black uniform look.


Traffic flow is an essential part of any parking lot or roadway. Striping and pavement markings play a significant role in the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. When stall lines are faded or non-existent in your parking lot, there is no structure or guidance on where to park. This results in possible code violations, car door dings, and accident reports listing you and your company as the responsible party. A well-maintained parking lot with noticeable markings decreases the likelihood of accidents and your liability should one occur, while providing a safe parking environment for pedestrians and drivers traveling to your property.


Patriot Paving's team of seal coat and striping experts can assist you with any of you asphalt preservation and striping needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.